We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do! You won't find a huge selection of products but what you WILL find is a selective list of products chosen based on extraction method, quality, and method of consumption. Our products go through 3 rounds of quality testing through a 3rd party laboratory and are made from broad spectrum THC-free extract. Our goal is for you to find the perfect match in one of our CBD or CBD+CBG products to help with your path to wellness.  

 "Only the best for our family and yours". 

Our purpose
  • Now taking your CBD can be as easy and discreet as popping a mint in your mouth! These mints are made to dissolve slowly to allow more of the CBD to be absorbed.

  • "Only the best for our family and yours"

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  • These Wild Berry flavored gummy squares are made with a great combo of CBG and CBD. Enjoy both of these cannabinoids in one treat! These gummies are designed to allow a little more time in your mouth to get the maximum benefit.